Blackbird Hill

Ardor and overflowing creativity are the key words of the Bordeaux duo Blackbird Hill. A baritone guitar with riffs more massive than marble crosses paths with the unstoppable groove of the drums, while a delicate melancholic voice is laid down. From their blues rock beginnings, the spirit is never far away… While a redeeming rock power comes into play, with a lot of stoner, even sludge. Their second album Embers In The Dark is not to be missed in 2022!

Flagship of the always abundant Bordeaux rock scene, Blackbird Hill unveil their new album. Embers In The Dark was mostly conceived while the promotion of its predecessor Razzle Dazzle, released in February 2020, was cut short due to a certain pandemic. It would have taken a lot more to hinder the ardor and creativity of Maxime Conan (vocals/guitar) and Théo Jude (drums/vocals), that therefore remain intact on this second effort. Better, these nine new gems allow the duo to reveal themselves in a long idealized formula, finally reached. Maxime says:

« We had worked so hard on Razzle Dazzle, that it was like a weight evaporated when the first lockdown came. Being «stuck» made us say that we were ready to try something else. To think, write and compose differently, to select from a greater number of ideas… This change of style, this change of sound, I didn’t necessarily allow myself. But today, I know that Blackbird Hill is as I would have always dreamed, and yet it’s a freedom that feels very instinctive. »

Armed that way with a baritone guitar and beefier amps than usual, but still served by the unstoppable groove of the drums, Blackbird Hill moves away from the blues rock that marked their debut. A spirit that still survives, but within an identity that owes more to the massive riffs of stoner, perhaps even to the heaviness of sludge. Or to « the melancholy of folk for the vocals, which took the place of this warmer blues touch » as Theo underlines it. « There was a real letting go on our part. A song like «The Masquerade» is slightly different from the general colour of the album, so much that was raised the question of whether or not to retain it. But we did what we wanted to do, right to the end! », adds the drummer.

Melancholy, lower tuning… You can guess how much bleaker the atmosphere of Embers In The Dark is. What Maxime considers as linked to his personal experience of his profession of musician being questioned. While as each one knows it’s in the grip of restrictions, even of privations. Inspired by this decline of the human race, insinuating itself into the music, his lyrics explore the themes of thinning, of decrease until extinction:
« While writing a text to describe the album cover, I understood the difference between existing and subsisting. It is this second term that Embers In The Dark represents. Those embers that remain in the midst of the blackness of burnt wood, will they die out or give life to a new fire? »

Embers In The Dark heralds an exciting new beginning for Blackbird Hill. See you in 2022 to take part in the adventure!





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