The Big Swamp

The southeastern United States. Cradle of the blues. The pubs and suits of the 50s are hardly a flurry in the mosquitoesque air. That’s exactly what The Big Swamp breathes. The music of the four germans is earthy, pulsating, original.

Delta blues. Southern Rock. Swamp Rock.

Slide guitar, blues harp, bass create a distinctive style. „Sharp Juke Joint Sound from Hildesheim“, the editors of „Gitarre & Bass“ marveled after the first recordings. The music of The Big Swamp flows through the ear canals like fiery whiskey through the esophagus. The band swims in the same waters as Foghat, R.L. Burnside, Jack White, Wucan, Siena Root or Blackberry Smoke.

Over 2600 music lovers like the group on Facebook. 16500 clicks count YouTube for „River Mud“. The first work of the group, „Sober And Nice“, is out of print.

The Big Swamp are no longer an insider tip. The records of the Swamp Rocker are indispensable part in the record shelf of every blues fan.